Lyrical singing

Teacher : Marie-Anne LOSCO

From age 15

A singing technique widely used in classical music, and in particular in works of lyric art (opera, lieder, cantatas, etc.).

Historically, the term "lyric" refers to the music of the lyre, which was used to accompany poetic singing in Antiquity, and to the figure of Orpheus. By extension, in the modern sense, the term is used to designate anything related to opera (e.g. lyric drama, lyric singing, etc.). Lyric singing is a difficult exercise that requires singers to maintain their voice and physical fitness.

Children's choir

Children's choir project (link)

The other contributors to this pedagogical project are :

Ms. PODETTI Caroline, specialized musical training for singers

Ms LEFEBVRE Catherine, Theater

Ms LOU-ZOUAN-DÉ Vanessa, Tap dance


Teacher : Bruno HABERT

From age 7, (group practice) compulsory

Vocal Ensemble

Teacher : Bruno HABERT

From 16/17 years old